OBAGE MT-600 Tower Speaker Genuine Review

Obage MT-600 Mini Tower Speaker Grey Black in color

There are a lot of speakers on the market, but the OBAGE MT-600 is a good choice for many reasons. I will tell you the reasons to buy and where to get this speaker.


I would like to start by saying that when I first got my hands on the OBAGE MT-600 speaker, it completely blew me away! The sound is powerful, crisp, and clear with deep bass. It is an inexpensive product from Obage. I bought this speaker for my wife as a birthday present and she was delighted with it. The sound quality is amazing, I have never heard anything quite like the bass that comes from this little speaker. It was a great purchase and an even greater reasonable price.

This mini tower speaker is the perfect accessory for any music lover. With its incredible sound quality, it can take any room to the next level. Also, with its Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary input, the possibilities are endless!

I am reviewing this speaker because it is the perfect size for the small room and music lover.

So let’s begin…

Obage MT-600 Features and Specification as advertised by company:


Accurate & Genuine Bass:

It’s great for clarity lovers because of its deep and natural bass. The voices are not distorted by the bass.

Noiseless Lossless Bluetooth 5.0:

The speaker can be set up to play music from your phone. There is no background noise when using Bluetooth. With no hiccups or dropouts, you’ll have a smooth connection. It’s perfect for watching movies while connected to the television.

Flat sound signature:

A flat sound signature, dominant vocals, bass, mids, and treble are given equal importance in the sound stage which results in a forward sound. Means to provide accurate voice clarity is what this model made for.

Melody for your Ears:

Its soothing sound and superb clarity make it ideal for long-term listening. The emphasis is on sound quality rather than quantity.


StyleSingle Mini Tower
Size (H X W X D)16″ X 7″ X 11.75″
Cabinet11mm. MDF
Weight7 kg.
Frequency Range
50Hz – 18kHz
1 x 6.5 inch
2 x 3 inch full range.
Output Power
35 Watt RMS optimum.
Bass Technology
Bass Reflex, Side Firing
Connectivity Supported

Pros & Cons after burn in test of OBAGE MT-600:


  • Flat sound signature.
  • It produces natural Bass without affecting vocals in the music.
  • Sub-Woofer size is 6.5 inches (larger is better).
  • Heavy Bass feels even at low volume.
  • Non-distorted music.
  • Box made of Wooden (MDF)
  • Separate manual control of Volume, Bass, and Treble.
  • In-built FM receiver.
  • Noise-free Bluetooth 5.0 connection.
  • IR-Remote Control.
  • Effective price.


  • Not for the loud listeners.
  • Bass and Treble control are not available in the remote control.

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Summary of review:

OBAGE MT-600 Mini Tower


Vocals Clarity
Connectivity options
Value for money


  • One Year warranty for Obage MT-600  

Warranty terms and conditions:

  • Onsite service is subject to availability of pin codes.
  • In case, service is not present, the customer has to send the product to  Obage service centre in Delhi via courier. The customer will bear courier cost of one side. This whole process can take time, please co-operate.

Reasons to buy OBAGE MT-600:

  1. Its high dynamic range gives you wide ranging tones that will keep your ears pleased for hours on end.
  2. It is ideally well suited for room size equal or less than 150 sq. ft.
  3. Feels thumping bass even at low volume.
  4. Multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, MIC and AUX input.
  5. It have built-in FM. This makes it standalone unit to enjoy music.
  6. Play audio files directly from USB Pen drives, SD and MMC card.
  7. Very Effective price range.

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“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Final Thought:

Here are my thoughts about how audio will influence me when trying it out. I bought this Bluetooth speaker for my wife and she loves it. I enjoy too much at all. The review is based on my personal experience with Obage MT 600 tower speaker. I have been using it for a few months now and I am very satisfied with the sound quality. The speaker is very easy to set up and it does not take long to make your audio device and comes with an unbeatable price.

I have been looking for a Bluetooth speaker for quite some time now, and this one is the best I have found so far. Obage MT-600 speaker is the best and most inexpensive system for music lovers, family, or as a home theater!. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a great audio experience. And finally, Amazon India is the best online marketplace to buy this awesome product at the click of the following button.

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“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

More Product Images…

OBAGE MT-600 Tower Speaker Genuine Review
OBAGE MT-600 Tower Speaker Genuine Review
OBAGE MT-600 Tower Speaker Genuine Review
OBAGE MT-600 Tower Speaker Genuine Review

Click “Buy Now” button to buy from amazon.in.

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Bass and Treble control available in remote?

No, You have to manually control the bass and treble at the back of the system tower.

Is remote control included?

Yes, IR-Remote Control is included with the unit.

Is equalizer control available?

No, It has six preset equalizers, which can only be set by remote control.

Is wall mount possible?

No, there is no provision for a wall mount.

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