New Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Review

Lenovo 300 FHD webcam Silver color

Lenovo launches web camera model “Lenovo 300 FHD” It is a much better option than the cheapest unbranded webcam. This review may be your wise decision before buying a webcam.


Lenovo 300 FHD webcam may be the only web camera that you are looking for, but you might get the wonders that you are thinking about right after reading my wise review here.

Now a day’s new laptop already comes with an in-built web camera but as you know they still have limited features. Even if you have an integrated camera on your laptop, you need an external web camera as well. Because with the aid of having an external camera you can place it anywhere in the room, rotate it, tilt it – adjust it according to your best shot angle but in the case of an integrated camera you always need to sit straight to the center of your laptop screen and you can’t detach it and move it around in the room for a better angle and also it lacks good quality voice capture. So, the external web camera is indeed a good choice for video chat, online teaching, gamer’s stream, presentation, etc.

Finding and selecting a good web camera is a challenging task because today’s market is flooded with lots of cheap quality web cameras with a similar price range to branded web cameras. So, don’t worry dear you have come to the right place and I assured you that my wise review will help you to make a good decision on buying a web camera that not only saves your money and time but also prevents you from regretting later.

So, let’s begin…

Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Specifications advertised by the company

Full HD 1080P Video Calls:

Lenovo 300 FHD webcam has full high definition resolution as its name comprises. No doubt, it captures images and video in much more detail than any other camera in the market of a similar price range. The full HD resolution quality claimed by other web cameras does not stand near to the quality offered by this amazing web camera.

Full HD Video Calls at the rate of 30 FPS:

FPS refers to frame per second, a higher frame rate makes video fluid – smooth and gives a much more lifelike realistic experience. A lower frame rate causes jitter and jerky effect during video calling and recording. By default, Lenovo 300 FHD webcam can deliver video output at 30 frames per second but you can lower this for a low bandwidth connection. It delivers the seamless video calling experience I have ever experienced.

2.1 megapixel CMOS:

Lenovo 300 FHD webcam has a 2.1 megapixels CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor. It is an electronic chip that converts light rays (photons) to electrons for digital processing. This is the main part of the camera just like the human eye retina where the actual image is formed after the light passes through the lens. This CMOS sensor is capable of capturing full high-definition video and images of 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. I noticed that the CMOS sensor used in this web camera has good low light sensitivity which outperforms better in lower light conditions than other web cameras in the market.


DFOV refers to the Display Field of View. A larger DFOV can capture a broader area of the room at shorter distances and provide a good balance between subject and background. With the help of this feature, you don’t need to place the web camera far from you to get captured in the frame. If you have a larger conference room with so many participants or you want to include many family members during video chat then there is no need to sit close to get in the frame for a longer duration of video calls. I and my family members can do long hourly video chats with my relatives from the comfort of the sofa. So this is one of the greatest benefits of the Lenovo 300 FHD webcam possible due to having a 95° wide-angle display field of view.

Webcam with Dual Microphones:

A few years back you have seen that only one mic is there in a mobile phone but nowadays it is very common that even a simple mobile phone has two mics to capture good quality stereo audio that gives you a more realistic natural sound experience during video and audio call that is not possible with a single mic. The same theory is applied here, Lenovo 300 FHD webcam has an inbuilt dual-mic to record stereo quality audio which gives you an immersive experience during video calling. It makes me feel like the person is sitting next to the desk during conversion.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup:

Plug and Play features remove the hassle of searching and installing drivers in the computer operating system for the camera to work. You just need to plug it into the dedicated USB port and in fewer moments it is ready to go without the need for your intervention. It is detected as soon as connected to computers and drivers are automatically installed by the system. And I wondered if it is listed in all my applications that support web camera features like OBS Studio, Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet – Google Chrome.

Supported OS:

It works in a wide variety of operating systems. If you are a Mac lover then it supports Mac OS X 10.14 or higher. Windows 7, 8, 10, and higher are supported for Windows users. It is a good choice for the techie person who uses Ubuntu 20.4 which is the most popular flavor of the Linux operating system. I noticed that it works flawlessly in Windows 10 without any hassle of driver installation.

Mount Anywhere & Everywhere:

The length of the connecting USB cable is 1.8 m and due to its flexible mount, it can tilt and rotate 360°, so that difficult angle can also be adjusted to perfectly fit in the frame. It also has tripod support (not included) – so fine adjustment can also be performed with the aid of a tripod. You may wonder that this feature does not even come in the higher price range of web cameras. This Lenovo 300 FHD webcam makes my day because I used so many things to support the older webcam for perfect angle using books, boxes, cloth hanging clips, etc… which takes up so much precious space on my desk, now my desk becomes clutter-free.

Privacy Shutter:

Privacy is a major concern when selecting a web camera. Many times after video conversion even if you close the running application on a PC you are still unsure that someone is not watching you through the web camera. To overcome this situation, Lenovo 300 FHD webcam has a privacy shutter feature, just slide the shutter cap on the camera lens and it completely obstructs the view. So, your private moment will never be recorded and shared in any way.

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Pros & Cons after reviewing Lenovo 300 FHD webcam:


  • Camera quality is better than the similar specs web camera available in the market.
  • The 30 frames per second give very fluid smooth, flawless and crisp video quality.
  • Stereo audio quality gives a realistic and decent experience as two inbuilt microphones are present.
  • The 95° display field of view captures everything within a shorter distance.
  • Privacy guaranteed, It has a manual sliding privacy shutter.
  • The long 1.8-meter premium USB cable offers seamless connectivity.
  • No need to install a driver in the system, just plug the cable and camera ready to work.
  • Excellent build quality and looks beautiful. You don’t feel like a toy while holding it in your hands. Feels relatively heavier than web cameras of similar specifications in the market.
  • Value for money product.


  • Missing Noise Cancellation feature.
  • Available in Silver color option only.
  • Black Color is also available but it is available at a little bit higher price.

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Summary of review:

Lenovo 300 FHD webcam


Flexible Mount
Full HD @ 30FPS
Plug and Play
Value for money

Final thoughts:

Many web cameras in the market may have similar features and the same price range. But as per my experience, this Lenovo 300 FHD webcam is far better than others. Even the higher price range does not meet the same quality and features offered by this webcam in such a low price range. I have done lots of searches and bought and tested so many webcams branded and unbranded too for my live classes but none perform well. My search ended when this webcam arrived on the market, it gives me peace of mind and I am sure it gives you too. Hope this detailed wise review clears the confusion regarding this product purchase decision.

Ordering online in the comfort of home saves your time and effort to go out, travel, search and buy products. As you already know Amazon is the best online marketplace in the world. Here I am sharing the direct link to the Lenovo 300 FHD webcam so that you can directly go to the product page and make your wise purchase.

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More Product Images…

New Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Review
New Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Review
New Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Review
New Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam Review

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“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Frequently Asked Question:

How to install Lenovo 300 FHD webcam?

Just plug it into the USB port and it will automatically install the standard driver and become ready to use. No driver is needed.

How do I zoom the camera on Lenovo 300?

You can zoom by cropping unwanted regions by third-party software such as OBS Studio.

Does Lenovo 300 FHD webcam have a microphone?

Yes, Lenevo 30 FHD webcam has a dual microphone.

Is the driver needed to install?


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